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timothy shannon



Timothy T. Shannon is a seasoned Senior Executive with more than 30 years of success across the higher education, secondary education, franchising, and construction industries. Leveraging extensive experience in international business and managing development offices for educational institutions, he is a valuable asset for companies working on raising capital or lobbying the government. His broad areas of expertise include marketing, the business side of academia, fundraising, government relations, institutional planning, and human resources.

Throughout his executive career, Dr. Shannon has held leadership positions at companies including Shamrock Enterprises, Flair Communications, The Chicago School Foundation, and John Carroll University. As President/Owner of Shamrock since 2014, he  launched in Chicago the largest mobile pet grooming franchise in the U.S. with Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming Franchises. He is also Executive VP of Finance for the Fit2Fight Foundation, providing mixed martial arts training to youth at gyms across Chicago.

Dr. Shannon is a passionate pet lover, and sees the value in the opportunity of a mobile pet spa services company. With his experience and his network he wants to provide the Chicagoland area with quality service and care for their pets. His reach is for all markets and clientele with a focus on supporting the pet owners of those that might find grooming services to be difficult to attain. Dr. Shannon will want to support the veterans, the special needs and service pets, and well as senior citizens and their pets. He feels that grooming should be attainable to all and with the creation of The Tailored Groomer he is able to reach and service these markets much easier.

Timothy holds a BA in Theology/Business from Xavier University, a De.U in Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago, a Master’s degree in Theology/Black Religious Studies from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, and a MBA/Ph.D in Business/Education from Boston College. He has served on more than a dozen boards including with Xavier University, Regis University, John Carroll University, and St. Ignatius High Schools. A global businessman, he has traveled in over 50 countries and is familiar with many different international business cultures.


joel c. burton


Joel Burton has had a passion for grooming since it was first introduced to him when he finished high school. It was a simple job bathing dogs and cats. He had the unique opportunity to learn about the process of grooming cats and dogs. With his hunger and enthusiasm for the service, he jumped at the opportunity and became a groomer’s apprentice. His mentor provided Joel with the principal and key essentials of grooming, staying strong to the fundamentals, even though grooming techniques were changing with times. Through that experience, Joel decided to turn this apprenticeship into a career.

Joel is a graduate of one of the best schools in the field; the Academy of Dog Grooming Arts, in Arlington Heights. He was fully educated in the varieties coats for both dogs and cats. With his further pursuit with grooming he is an expert in scissor finishing for the pets. Considering grooming an art form, Joel has also practiced and enjoys creating lion cuts, and stylized cuts for his clients’ pets. With now over 15 years of grooming experience and participation in over 10 competitions and seminars, Joel has become our master groomer in both dogs and cats. His specialty is his scissor finish. It provides the pets with a natural and clean final look.

Joel has a deep understanding in the psyche of the pets, and he naturally is able to calm them down and provide a trust and safe environment for the pets making him highly sought after by clients. Creating a good relationship with his clients and their pets is very important to him and with the ability to provide these services to the doors of his clients is why Joel has pursued the Tailored Groomer!

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