Have a Dog with Special Needs? What Your Groomer Needs to Know 

Photo Credit: Handicapped Pets

Photo Credit: Handicapped Pets

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes special needs dogs. Some have only three legs, others can have weight concerns and still others might have an internal health problem. Because that can affect how the dog lives her life, you may be wondering how that may impact the dog’s grooming session. 

Communication Sets Up A Successful Grooming Session

When setting up your pet's appointment, we suggest speaking with our Master Groomer Joel to discuss your dog's needs. Joel has over 15 years of experience and has groomed thousands of dogs. He knows how to adjust a grooming service accordingly.

Issues that we should know about include: 

  1. Recent surgeries the dog has had that affect movement or care in any way, such as hip surgeries. 
  2. Any health concerns that have an affect on the dog. Examples include recent injuries, trachea issues or heart issues. 
  3. Weight issues for both overweight or extremely thin dogs.
  4. Any changes related to age, such as incontinence
  5. Injuries or handicaps, like missing legs, blindness or deafness. 

Knowing about any of these issues can help us better care for your dog while we are grooming her. For instance, a heart problem might mean we need to take measures to not spook the dog with blower noises, which could put stress on the heart. Missing legs can affect how we harness your dog while grooming. We can also prepare ahead of time to transfer, lift and support the dog safely before, during and after grooming.

Mobile Grooming is Less Stressful for Your Special Needs Dog

If you have a dog with special needs, mobile grooming is typically the least stressful grooming option. The fact that we come to you means less travel. Your dog can stay near her home, and she won't have to face the noise, sights and smells of a building full of many other animals and strangers. 

If your pet has a health issue, you may wonder if loading your dog into a van is a good option. We encourage you to talk to Joel about this when you schedule your appointment. But rest assured, we are experts at lifting dogs of all types into the van for grooming. 

Ready to schedule a low-stress grooming option for your furry friend? Call us at 844-484-7666.