Cat Grooming

The Cat-Bath Myth: Why It's Important to Bathe Your Cat Regularly


There's a common belief among pet owners that cats groom themselves and don't need regular baths or grooming. We'd like to debunk that belief, though. Here are 6 reasons why it's important to step in and ensure your feline has regular baths:

  1. When cats clean themselves, they leave saliva all over their fur. This saliva contains microbials that get spread onto their fur, and there's some risk of that spreading to you. 
  2. Their silky hair picks up dust and other bacteria from the floor better than a vacuum. While this is good for your floors, you don’t want to use your cat as a vacuum cleaner. A clean cat is a healthy cat.
  3. Overweight cats cannot always groom their entire body. The areas they miss become matted. A bath ensures their entire body stays clean. Otherwise, an overweight cat's skin might become itchy or flaky. In extreme examples, the uncleaned skin can become infected. 
  4. Older cats have greasier fur and may not be able to clean their entire body, either. The added grease is normal, but does make a regular bath more important.
  5. Cats often get things caught in the hair on their rear end. (Imagine fluffier cats leaving the litter box with an unwanted souvenir.) Needless to say, this is an indication they need a bath. 
  6. Bathing reduces a cat's shedding and hairballs. While it is not possible to stop shedding altogether, you can lessen these issues with regular bathing. 

How can the Tailored Groomer help? 

Not up for giving your cat a bath? We can help.

First, we come to your home -- saving kitty a stressful trip in the crate and the car. Second, you can be comfortable knowing that Joel is on the job. Joel is a Master Groomer with 15 years of experienced and has been dubbed the "Cat Whisperer" by many of our clients. His first goal is to reduce your cat's stress and to ease your pet into a grooming service.

You can see what our grooming services include here: Cat Grooming Services.

Schedule an appointment

When you're ready to help your cat in the bathing department, let us know. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at 844-484-7666.

How to Ease Your Puppy or Kitten into a Grooming Routine


Even for playful puppies and curious kittens, that first grooming appointment can be a stressful experience. At The Tailored Groomer, we'll work with you to introduce your young pet to grooming in methodical, easy stages. We'll acclimate them to the process and make them feel at ease being groomed.

When should you start having your puppy or kitten groomed? When they reach 3 months old. By this time, they have weaned off their mother and they’re going into a rapid growth phase. Before 3 months, their fur does not typically get too matted, so it's fine to wait a bit. 

Once they are 3 months old, we find that the following sequence works best for grooming puppies and kittens:

First 3 Grooming Sessions for Puppies and Kittens

1. Get your pet acclimated.

During the first appointment, our goal is to gently introduce your pet to the grooming environment. We start by grooming only the "face, feet and fanny." 

For puppies, we use scissors to manually trim the fur. We don’t use the clippers to cut their fur yet because it can scare them. Instead, we turn on the clipper to get them used to the sound and we let them feel the vibration. We don't apply the cutting blade.  

Because kittens need to grow their fur out, we typically bathe and brush them during their first appointment with the groomer. We don't clip their fur at this age.

2. Test their comfort level.

On the second visit, we will try to groom your puppy using the clippers. If your puppy shows any signs of being scared, we will stop immediately.  

For kittens, we may cut their nails or clean their ears. If needed, we may provide a sanitary trim to their fanny or undercarriage.

We are aiming for a low stress experience for you and your pet. In our experience, a slow and steady approach works best.

3. Decide if the vet can help.

You will know at the third visit whether or not your pet is able to adapt to a full grooming treatment. If they are comfortable, we will treat them to our premium service. If they are still nervous, we may recommend taking your pet to a vet that has a groomer. They are better equipped with the medical material and equipment to sedate your pet safely in order to groom appropriately.  

We never recommend giving your puppy or kitten medicine to calm them for grooming. Leave dispensing medicine to the veterinary professionals. Otherwise, your pet might have a bad reaction, which will increase their stress levels even more. 

At Home Grooming Tips Before Your Pet Hits the 3 Month Mark

If your puppy gets dirty before it's time to bring them to us for their first grooming appointment, we recommend the following tips: 

1. Before you give your puppy or kitten a bath at home, do some research first so know what to expect and how to properly bathe your pet. Check out this video from Vet's Klinic TV:

How to bathe your puppy for the first time. ©Vet's Klinic | |

2. Try dry shampoo or use aloe vera wipes before washing them to make sure you remove bacteria or microscopic slime on your pet.

3. Use the correct shampoo and conditioner for your puppy's breed. For example, a Shih Tzu has different needs from a Lab. Although the video doesn't show this, we don't recommend wetting your dog's fur or applying shampoo directly to the fur. This will create a sludge that makes it harder to get them clean. Instead, we recommend mixing 1 part of shampoo with 15 parts water and then apply that solution to your pet's fur. It will result in a cleaner puppy!

Special Savings for New Puppy & Kitten Parents

We want you and your new pet to have good experiences at the groomer. To help you make your visits more affordable, we offer special grooming discounts for puppies and kittens 6 months and younger. Call us for details at 844-484-7666. We are here to help you with any grooming questions you have for your puppy or kitten. 

Grooming your pet regularly should reduce shedding by at least 40 percent


Does it seem like your home is being taken over by pet hair? If so, it's that time of year. Dogs and cats shed their coats two to four times a year, and early winter is one of those high-shedding periods.

The good news is: Grooming your dog or cat monthly will reduce shedding by at least 40 percent. Having your pet groomed every 6 to 8 weeks will reduce shedding by 10 to 20 percent. 

With our grooming services, we include a de-shedding treatment at no additional cost. Mention that your pet is shedding a lot, and we'll use a special shampoo and conditioner with aloe. And for pets with long fur, we'll use the FURminator shedding tool to remove even more of the dead fur.

While you'll see a reduction in shedding after the first grooming service, you'll see the maximum benefit after multiple grooms.

What can you expect from one of our premium pet grooming appointments?

As soon as you meet Master Groomer Joel C. Burton, you'll know your pet will be in safe and competent hands. Joel has more than 15 years of grooming experience and has even tested his skills in more than 10 grooming competitions.

During the grooming appointment, your beloved pet will be pampered and gently treated to ALL of the following:

  • Bathing Beauty Shampooing 
  • Massage-In Bathing Beauty
  • Thorough Rinse
  • Scissor Finish
  • Brush Out Knots & Tangles
  • Gentle, Towel Dry for the Face
  • Blow Dry for the Body
  • Brush & Fluff Dry (depending on breed)
  • Grinding Toenails (dogs only)
  • Lion Cut (cats only)
  • Clean Eyes & Ears
  • Teeth Brushing (dogs only)
  • Blueberry Towel Treatment (helps with tear stains)
  • Light Fragrance (with your approval)
  • Stylish Bandana (with your approval)