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The Cat-Bath Myth: Why It's Important to Bathe Your Cat Regularly


There's a common belief among pet owners that cats groom themselves and don't need regular baths or grooming. We'd like to debunk that belief, though. Here are 6 reasons why it's important to step in and ensure your feline has regular baths:

  1. When cats clean themselves, they leave saliva all over their fur. This saliva contains microbials that get spread onto their fur, and there's some risk of that spreading to you. 
  2. Their silky hair picks up dust and other bacteria from the floor better than a vacuum. While this is good for your floors, you don’t want to use your cat as a vacuum cleaner. A clean cat is a healthy cat.
  3. Overweight cats cannot always groom their entire body. The areas they miss become matted. A bath ensures their entire body stays clean. Otherwise, an overweight cat's skin might become itchy or flaky. In extreme examples, the uncleaned skin can become infected. 
  4. Older cats have greasier fur and may not be able to clean their entire body, either. The added grease is normal, but does make a regular bath more important.
  5. Cats often get things caught in the hair on their rear end. (Imagine fluffier cats leaving the litter box with an unwanted souvenir.) Needless to say, this is an indication they need a bath. 
  6. Bathing reduces a cat's shedding and hairballs. While it is not possible to stop shedding altogether, you can lessen these issues with regular bathing. 

How can the Tailored Groomer help? 

Not up for giving your cat a bath? We can help.

First, we come to your home -- saving kitty a stressful trip in the crate and the car. Second, you can be comfortable knowing that Joel is on the job. Joel is a Master Groomer with 15 years of experienced and has been dubbed the "Cat Whisperer" by many of our clients. His first goal is to reduce your cat's stress and to ease your pet into a grooming service.

You can see what our grooming services include here: Cat Grooming Services.

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